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Challenge: No one knows who we are.

Massage Heights wanted to grow their brand in territories with little to no brand awareness. We needed to create a way to generate buzz and attendance at in-market events being held in low-awareness areas.

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Strategy: Message in multi-faceted ways.

Hot Dish created an integrated ad and media campaign promoting an Open House event in Denver hosted by the Massage Heights Corporate Team.

A combination of tactics, including display ads, social media ads, e-blasts to a targeted audience, local radio, and Pandora, were used to get the message out. Each medium served up ads that advertised the franchise’s growth in terms of revenue and Retreats opened, and also advertised the opportunity to meet with the Executive Team.

Results: Brand awareness reaches new heights.

The advertising campaign ran for the two-week time period leading up to the in-market event. Each medium garnered substantial actions and performed well above industry benchmarks. During the two-week advertising period, the in-market event landing page saw more than 1,250 visits, and of those visits, 95% were from a new audience, which indicated that new brand awareness was achieved through the campaign.

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