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Strategic planning meeting with your Corporate Team

  • Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Prepare a "Hot List" that defines key messaging and serves as a blueprint for creative and media strategy
  • Brand Circle, a document that defines the What, How and Why of brand and focuses on the emotional connection in the buying process
  • Conduct franchisee interviews, if applicable, in order to learn from the people running the business every day
  • Define competitive landscape
  • Store visits, if applicable, in order to experience the brand firsthand
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  • Look-Alike modeling that provides valuable consumer data from an existing customer data base
  • Custom research, if applicable, either quantitative or qualitative
  • Syndicated research from a source like MRI to gather generalized consumer data
  • Organic research from internet, magazine, industry sources
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  • Conduct a marketing audit of existing materials
  • Develop a marketing plan that outlines tactics and costs
  • Develop a media plan based on strategy, budget, and goals
  • Develop creative executions that get results (60% of success derives from powerful creative)
  • Set up unique tracking by tactic
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  • Put the marketing plan into effect and monitor results by tactic during the campaign
  • Launch the media plan
  • Launch creative executions in multiple media platforms
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  • Performance summaries
  • Optimization recommendations

Download the full process in pdf form.