Complete Nutrition’s Franchise Website Gets A Makeover

When it comes to helping people achieve life change, Complete Nutrition has it all. With proprietary product lines at the core of the business, the brand established a loyal customer base through its Your Complete Solution system, an all-encompassing consultation where you meet with a staff member to develop a custom program to achieve your goals.

Over time, Complete Nutrition evolved the business model to match customers’ growing needs. This included an eCommerce site, a Rewards app, and all-natural fruit smoothies. These additions prompted Complete Nutrition to update its consumer website. With sleek photography, eye-catching callouts to fill out a customer profile, and an easy content navigation, the overall life change theme is consistent throughout the website – which is where we come in.

We wanted to bring the same strong positioning of life change to the franchise website. It was time for a makeover, especially with aggressive development goals set for the next few years. The website redesign needed to educate and intrigue visitors about why they should invest in the Complete Nutrition franchise opportunity.

We accomplished this through interactive modules on the territory review and process to ownership pages that make the user journey more engaging with a goal to improve site conversions. This message was delivered to make an impact with the brand colors and feature them distinctly in the new design. To ensure both websites had a similar look and feel, we utilized the client’s web style guide to sync fonts, colors, and icons.

Check out this amazing before and after for yourself and visit the live site here!

Complete Nutrition Franchise Website - Before & After

Next up, we will be developing a marketing and media plan to drive more traffic to the site.

We can’t wait to see the big gains that come for this franchise.

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